Brand Standards

Welcome to the Antigua and Barbuda Red Cross Brand Standards site. It includes downloadable, print-quality vector files and .pngs of the Red Cross logos and guidance on how to use them. For more information on this and other elements of our brand identity, download the Brand identification poster.

Please remember that the Antigua and Barbuda Red Cross logo should be used correctly—it is one of our most valuable assets. It is an image that stands as a worldwide symbol of goodwill and humanitarianism.


  • The Red Cross logos may be reduced or enlarged, but don’t alter their height-to-width ratio. Do not attempt to remake them with your own image manipulation or desktop publishing applications. Use the graphics provided.
  • The classic logo should be used in disaster situations, corporate materials and all branding materials of the Antigua and Barbuda Red Cross.
  • The marketing logo should be used in marketing materials, such as items for sale as well as the letterhead of the Antigua and Barbuda Red Cross.

Color Basics

  • The red cross and the black logotype is preferred. Always strive to use this version.
  • When you must use one color, all-red is preferable.
  • The logo may appear in all-black for newspaper ads or other all-black ads.
  • Red Cross red is PANTONE 180 C or 13% Cyan 100% Magenta 100% Yellow and 4% Process
  • The black is PANTONE BLACK 6 C